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PF-9, P-11 Hybrid Trigger

Hybrid Trigger for P-11 and PF-9

For those who don't want to trim out the trigger slot on their P-11 grip, this is another option that makes the Northwood P-11 a virtual "drop-in" upgrade. This hybrid design is essentially a standard Northwood Trigger for the PF-9 and P-11 with two changes:

1.) The upper pinch guard has been reduced to allow for ease of installation in the P-11 without the need to trim the plastic grip! The remaining pinch guard edge still helps protect your finger from pinching in the upper trigger guard.

2.) The trigger pin is held in place by an in-line setscrew. This setscrew is larger than the standard design, and uses a larger hex key for tightening, assuring a more positive lock on the trigger pin.

The Hybrid can be used on both the P-11 and PF-9 pistols, and uses the same standard design for improving comfort and reducing over-travel on either gun. However, the trimmed upper pinch guard keeps the P-11 and PF-9 reset (pre-travel) at the factory setting.