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Function (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the Northwood trigger change the pull weight when firing?
No. However the trigger is slightly wider, so it may FEEL lighter. This is because the factory pulling weight is spread more evenly over the finger surface.
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Does the Northwood trigger change the length of the factory trigger pull?
The Northwood Trigger installation does not change the length of the trigger pull from the beginning of the hammer cocking sequence to the hammer release. As a "drop-in" replacement for the factory trigger, the rest of the factory components are not affected. The factory pull length is designed as a safety feature. However, there is slightly less pre-travel (free travel) at the reset position, and slightly less over-travel after the hammer release.
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Is the Northwood trigger as wide as the P-11 trigger shoe?
No. The Northwood trigger is slightly wider than the factory trigger, but still narrower than the trigger guards on the PF-9 and P-11/40. It has a larger curve, and a less pointed tip than the factory triggers.
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Will the Northwood trigger installation require any modifications to my frame?
No. The Northwood trigger is designed as a drop-in replacement for the factory triggers on the PF-9 and P-11/40. The internal aluminum frame is not modified in any way. (The polymer grip on the P-11/40 will need to be sanded slightly in front of the trigger to allow it to contact the frame for reset. See Page 12 in the P-11 Trigger Installation Guide link at left.)
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Does the setscrew adjust the over-travel or pre-travel on the trigger?
No. The setscrew is strictly meant to lock the Trigger Pin in place once it is seated. The Northwood Trigger does not incorporate any adjustable screws for safety reasons. The designed clearances are meant to allow for dirt or grit that could interfere with trigger function in a self-defense situation.
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