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Installation (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I have Northwood Components install my trigger for me?
Apologies, but Northwood is not an FFL, and does not have a licensed gunsmith. It is not set up to do trigger installs for liability reasons. You might try contacting a gunsmith in your local area. If so, be sure to provide the link to the Trigger Installation Guide from the Northwood website, and explain that there are critical steps that need to be followed.
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The setscrew seems to go in fairly hard. Is it "cross-threaded"?
Your setscrew is supposed to feel a bit tight going into the trigger with the Nylock patch on the threads. It will start smooth, and then start to tighten up, but still continue to turn. It is definitely a "feely" kinda thing. If it starts to tighten up, but continues to screw in without tightening further, you're fine, until it seats against the trigger pin. Then you will feel a definite end point. Contact Tech Support if you are not sure.
Tip: The setscrew should be installed and tightened in the trigger before mounting the frame assembly back into the grip, since you will have easier access to it with the hex key.

* After 4/17/18, all triggers come with a setscrew pre-installed with blue LocTite. The setscrew simply needs to be tightened 1/2 turn after the trigger is installed. If it is hard to turn, warm the tip of the provided allen hex key with a match, insert into the setscrew, hold 5 seconds, and try turning again.
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Should I use a "snap cap" to check the trigger operation?
ALWAYS use a snap cap when dry-firing the PF-9 or the P-11. If you are checking a function that will cause the hammer to strike the firing pin, be sure that there is a snap cap in the chamber to keep the firing pin from traveling too far. Otherwise, damage to the extractor screw ("frankenbolt") may result. Also, the hammer may peen the firing pin channel opening, making it difficult to remove the firing pin later on.
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Is there a U-Tube video on the installation procedure?
Northwood has not produced a video on the installation. The Trigger Installation Guide is designed for greater detail than a video can provide. The guide is also a better way to communicate with tech support if you have difficulty with a particular step.

When printed, it can also be useful if you choose to have a gunsmith install your trigger for you.
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How much time does it take for the installation?
The average person, with "average" mechanical skill, can usually complete the installation in one to two hours. This includes cleaning and lubricating as you go, depending on how "thorough" you are. If you are addressing other issues while your gun is down to the frame, it could take a bit longer. Some have done the upgrade in less than 30 minutes.
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What if I have a problem?
First, please double check the installation guide to make sure that every step was followed carefully. Note the page you are having trouble with. Also, please check to be sure there are no other worn or broken parts in your weapon. If you still have an issue with your trigger function, please email with your contact phone number and a good time to call. I will personally get back to you as soon as possible to help resolve your situation.
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