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Northwood P-11/40 Trigger KIT (Anodized)

MSRP: $59.00
Price: $41.30
You Save: $17.70 (30 %)
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Item Number: ATP11A-K

Northwood Trigger (Anodized) - Conversion
KIT        for Kel-Tec P-11 or P-40*
*Except for the anodized trigger, the kit components are the same as standard Northwood Trigger Kit.
Trigger has been processed with Type III, Class 2, "Hard Anodize" mil-spec finish.

Kit includes:
  (1) Aluminum Trigger #ATP11A (Black Anodized)

  (1) Trigger Pin #P11-253
  (1) Stainless #6-32 x 3/16" Nylock Setscrew
  (1) 2mm  Pin Punch
  (1) 3mm  Pin Punch
  (1) 1/16" Allen Hex Key

Please review the P-11 Trigger Installation Guide (link at upper left) before purchasing this product.

Northwood Components does not perform installations or repairs. (See Installation FAQ link at left.)

Product Reviews

(4 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
Holy trigger Batman
Dave Sherrid (Elizabethtown, PA) 8/23/2016 1:47 PM
I bought the trigger kit for my P-11. Wow what a difference. Took a little work to get it on and functioning. Took it to the range and fired great. Much easier than before the new trigger. Thanks
Leaps and Bounds Better than Stock Trigger! ( 2/1/2014 10:37 AM
We did a trigger mod article ( as a part of our P-11 Improvement project ( and couldn't be happier with the improvement using this kit! Installation was easy using the provided instructions (around 1.5 hours including coffee breaks and trips to the garage). The trigger pull feels much easier now (even though it's not actually lightened) and I don't get the blister on the bottom of my trigger finger or pinches at the top. The real testament, however, is that our female shooter went from not being able to shoot the P11 at all to having no problem shooting it! In addition to making the trigger feel easier to use, it feels rock solid and eliminates side-to-side wobble and almost completely eliminates the excess pre-travel and over-travel, improving the overall shooting experience. Definitely recommend this upgrade! Pops did a great job with this product and we wish him luck with the new models for the new .32 and .380 models!
This is a really great product
Bob D (Tacoma, WA) 3/29/2013 1:32 PM
I ordered your new black anodized P11 kit with free shipping and received it in Tacoma, Washington in 5 days from the day I ordered it. Amazing. I printed out and studied the instructions for several days and today I jumped in to install the new trigger in my 2010 model P11. It went without a hitch and I had it reassembled and dry fired with snap caps in about 2 hours. All of the clearances were exactly as the instructions required and the only "fitting" required was on the front edge of the grip cutout. I have very large fingers and the new trigger completely solved the horrible factory trigger issue. I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you for taking on this project making the trigger available to me. I wish your business great success.