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    Website Update:

Trigger Installation Guides
are viewable on the website without downloading.
  1. Right-click anywhere in the Guide, hit "Save Page As...".
  2. Select "Web Page, complete".
It can then be viewed off-line in any browser, and saved as a PDF file.


     Trigger Poduction Update:     October 2018

Kel-Tec  PF-9                  In Stock Aluminum    (black anodized discontinued)

Kel-Tec  P-11, P-40         In Stock  Aluminum    (black anodized discontinued)

Kel-Tec  P-32                  Discontinued

Kel-Tec  P-3AT               

PF-9, P-11/40  HYBRID  


Please review the appropriate Trigger Installation Guide for your specific model before purchasing a trigger kit. A link to each guide can be found in the left column of website page.  If you are downloading the PDF file for printing (link is on the last page of each guide), it is sizeable (7-8 mb) and may take a couple minutes to download. If nothing appears on your screen at first, give it a minute or two depending on your system.

** This page will be updated regularly, so if an item is out of stock, please refrain from emailing about availability. When triggers are available, the website will accept new orders. (We are not set up to take “pre orders” or keep an email list for orders.)
Technical and installation assistance is always available using the "Contact Us" page or emailing
Thank you for visiting Northwood Components.